semi felted jacket using the natural Shetland greys
Lillian Scott wool

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I have been a ‘knitter’ since I was taught by my father when I was a child. There is something quite magical about turning a raw natural product into a beautiful garment, although I am no spinner much to my regret.
I use only British wool, and in particular the fabulous Shetland wool, which I source directly from the only spinning mill on Shetland (Jamiesons of Shetland). Shetland sheep are small and fine-boned, famous for their toughness and for their fleece, which traditionally has been made into fine lace and the famous Fair Isle patterned jerseys. The softness and strength of this yarn make it ideal for a whole range of designs: and the wide range of natural colours available, are a joy to work with and to wear.
All my garments are hand-made, using hand knitting, felting or hand loom techniques, and although I am not a ‘true’ Fair Isle knitter I love being able to incorporate some Fair Isle ideas into my work.