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I originally started making the treasure boxes as special gifts for family and friends, mixing bright colourful, funny, often iconic and personal images, hoping to evoke some kind of sweet memories for the new owners. I wanted the boxes to look and feel happy, with joyous floral explosions (who doesn’t like flowers?)

Inspiration comes from everywhere…. family, friends, cinema, travel, music, gardening, cooking, eating, dancing, dogs, cats, wild animals, travel, pop culture plus some odd personal crushes ha ha

Sometimes I work within a particular theme like Bollywood, wildlife, dogs or dance. It is impossible to repeat a design exactly the same – maybe similar, but never identical.

After much encouragement and a few private commissions I recently took the plunge and opened a shop on Etsy.
I am currently working on more treasure boxes and a range of small furniture pieces.
watch this space!