Rachel Peacock Crystal Healing and Jewellery
Rachel Peacock Crystal Healing and Jewellery


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I have 15 years of experience working with crystals and apply my knowledge and intuition to choosing the perfect blend of crystalline energies to support you with something specific like weight loss, anxiety, emotional regulation, sleep, manifesting, fertility or I can simply dowse and see what you need.
It’s a beautiful process from start to finish, tuning in, discovering which crystals are to be used, allowing inspiration for how to arrange the crystals to come in and seeing the piece unfold. Each piece is made with natural crystal beads that I have consciously sourced and finished with sterling silver. After making I sit and write about the qualities of the crystals used. The jewellery is then cleansed and charged with channeled healing energies before being packaged and sent by post with the description.
Whilst many customers invite me to make for themselves, I hear beautiful stories of how well received my work is when given as gifts.
As well as making Jewellery I also offer therapies and courses on the South Wales border.