Contemplate reduction lino print 2020
Clare Morgan Printmaker (aka curiousinkyme)


I am a practising artist and teacher working in Derby.

I have felt a desire to create for as long as I can remember, after studying Fine Art at the University of Derby I fell in love with printmaking; it has been my choice of media ever since. Most recently I have been working in linocut.

I seek to explore the fragility and instability of the human experience juxtaposed against a desire for certainty and control. To make our inner world visible through expressive portraits, exciting colour palettes and imagery revealing more of a story and allows us to connect.

The process of printmaking has remained a constant source of fascination for me. I relish the patience required and labour involved in preparing the stencils and plates. I am excited by the element of unpredictability inherently attached to the process. Until the first pull of the print, you are never quite sure what will be revealed.