The Dark Sacred Night ARTstrology chart
The Steampunk Astrologer – ARTstrology Charts, Jewellery and Cards


Your ARTstrology chart is unique – whether it’s for a birth, birthday, couple or event. It’s only ever printed once, as a giclee print on archival quality paper so the image is crisp and clear with a life of 85 years+ .
I’m a Steampunk, so you will see that some of my designs are definitely steampunk inspired, although many are not. The hot air balloons designs for example are inspired by seeing the Balloon Festival. (I live in Bristol and the balloons often fly over my home.)
I also make astrological jewellery, plus a range of fairy and angel pieces. Fairies and Angels came about after adding some fairies to a chart design and realising that the world is in need of a bit of magic and Angelic help.
I love practising Astrology and find it fits well with my other work as a complementary therapist.