Sacred Smithing: Winter Solstice selection
Devotional Yoni pieces from Sacred Smithing


For all Tantrikas, Worshippers, Goddesses, Weavers, Lovers, Mothers and Yoni Devotees.
Sacred pieces for your altar, your temple, your red tent or your sharing circle.
Use them as meditation tools, guides, talking sticks or to invite the essense of sacred sexuality into your home.

A project birthed with loving intent by two Sacred Sexuality Coaches: Jem Ayres & Hugs Goddard.
Hugs works with his hands and the fire in the sacred land of Avalon, working lifeforce energy into each piece.
Jem sits and breaths with them whilst they land, tuning into their spirit, gift or intention, and finding their name.

Hand forged and all individual pieces. A true Shakti / Shiva, Masculine / Feminine initiative
They fill their homes & temples with such power!