Jenipher’s Coffi
Jenipher’s Coffi

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This coffee is brought to you by the Climate Change Coffee Project, so that you can drink Fairtrade organically grown coffee every day, knowing that the farmers have been paid fairly and can face the challenges of things such as Climate Change and Covid-19.

Scored 84. Single-origin. Grown 1700m above sea level in Mt Elgon region of Uganda.
3500+ farmers are part of the MEACCE co-operative who grow and care for the coffee so well. They also work with Welsh Government to plant 10m trees to protect the soil and improve yields and coffee quality.

Why Jenipher’s Coffi?
Farmers are suffering from climate change, and yet they have contributed to it least. This is unjust. But you can ensure that by buying Jenipher’s Coffi, the farmers are supported to respond to the challenges that they face.

With every cup, you are voting for the world that you want.

Available in 50g, 100g, 227g and 1kg
Ground or wholebean.

Perfect for the daily grind, weekend lie ins or gifts. Can post worldwide.

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