After looking at the way our team was structured we realised that the easiest way for us to expand is to make things a lot more simple. For this reason we’ve split the job of Moderator into three separate roles: Participation Moderator, Content Moderator and Feed Moderator. This will make it easier for more people to join our team with the minimum amount of training.

We currently need a number of Feed Moderators to help maintain the safe and friendly environment the NOT ON AMAZON Facebook group members are able to enjoy.
In a perfect world we’d have as many people doing this job as possible because as we all know the algorithm only shows you what it shows you and that even goes for us running the group, so in order for us to be able to to keep a full overview of what’s happening on this page we need as many people working together as we can get.

As a new feed moderator your role will be pretty straightforward, all we would need you to do is:

Monitor the group feed for any unpleasant comments or posts which break the group rules and report them for Admin to take appropriate action.

Respond to any questions you notice on Admin Anonymous posts with details of where to find the information required.

Commit to a regular set of shifts and attend team our zoom meetings.

If you think this something you’d like to do, please use the contact form on this page to give us a brief description of who you are and why you’d like to join the NOT ON AMAZON team.
We’ll get back to you within seven days with everything you’ll need to know