A print of A Leyland Cypress
Victor Blanco. Hand Printed Tree Rings.

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I am an artist based in Edinburgh and I make handprints of tree rings using oil-based ink and relief printing techniques.

All my work comes from diseased trees or trees with structural imperfections that must be felled for safety. I rescue the wood from becoming firewood or ending up decomposed on the ground. In this way, the tree has a chance to leave a mark after its physical body has disappeared allowing us to appreciate its life history and the beauty within wood growth.

The engraving occurs thanks to the difference in density of the wood that grows in the rings during spring and fall. In the warmer months, the rings grow fast accumulating nutrients, and the growth slows down in the months with reduced sun hours (although evergreens’ growth is slightly different and so are their wood’s properties). This affects the hardness of the rings.

In my prints one can see the marks left by pathologies, age growth, the good years and those that lacked water or sunlight, the imprint that physical objects left in the trunk when the tree grew over them, the formation and physiology of wood structures such as branches and many other details.

More examples of my work in Instagram (@rigodoner) and my website where you can also find my online shop. Thanks for the interest in my work!