This may get a little “techy” for some readers, if so we apologise.

Recently there have been a couple of site-wide glitches which have restricted access to vendor dashboards and set vendor accounts to inactive. These glitches have been caused by automatic software updates to the ‘plugins’ used to build this website. Thankfully when they occur the fixes are simple and these recent updates do provide extra functionality which will make some things easier for the site’s users and admin.

As most of you will appreciate, Shop N.O.A. is a fledgling operation with a little over three months in operation. A lot of the marketplaces people are using as a benchmark have been operational for anywhere between five and fifteen years.
Established websites like Etsy and Folksy have large teams and the budgets to pay them.
NOT ON AMAZON CIC still has a small team who are responsible for the management of this website, the associated Facebook group and all other administrative work involved in running a community interest company.

Shop N.O.A. is just starting out and already its made a massive impact. We’re already much larger vendors than some websites which have been running for a lot longer. We’re looking at all user feedback and implementing changes based on it to make Shop N.O.A. work the way its users want it to. The future is wide open and the sky’s the limit!

So, we’d like to thank you for your patience and cooperation when we run into these odd glitches in our first year of operation. If All People Stand Together anything is possible!

Team N.O.A.