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Woodbots and wood art, all handmade in my shipping container workshop in Leeds. I love using reclaimed and recycled objects to create something unique and, hopefully, amusing.

Baron Creme Fraiche – Small Scraplet


Reclaimed wood robot figure and desk buddy (Scraplet), handmade by me, the Chief Scrapleteer.

“Baron Creme Fraiche, 52, Wilmslow. This trickster has been spreading rumours on the Internet that he’s in the running to be the next big Bond villain in whatever the fuck the next daft film will be called. ‘Look Who’s Dead Now?’ or some shit. Anyway, looking at the bastard’s face, who could deny it? He’s certainly got all the other Scraplets convinced and they’re avoiding him like the plague in case he gets the table saw running and starts chopping them up. Again.”

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There’s a whole cast of fun (and insane) Scraplet characters available in my Etsy store and on Take a look at @scraplets on Instagram for daily Scraplet updates and enter their magical world, listen to their favourite music and get some terrific life advice.  

£4 UK P&P across the board for up to 2KG of Scraplets. That’s Royal Mail 2nd class parcel service for you, and the cost of a cardboard box.  You might as well buy a family of them given the postage situation…

NB – Scraplets are NOT toys for children, to be honest. They’re wood decor. Put simply, they’re not really suitable for unsupervised use by children – they’ve got nails and screws sticking out of them.  Common sense and vigilance is advised at all times.

Viva le Scraplets!

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My name is Mark – I’m a wood artist based in Leeds.

All my work can be found on and the Scraplets can be found on social media at @scraplets

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