Hello, I produce a variety of products, from hand sculpted, rustic tiles, to urns for cremated remains, natural burial shrouds, paintings, pen drawings and other items I feel inspired to make at the time.

Blue, mushroom tile


Autumn is probably my favourite season, I love fungi and falling leaves and each year am inspired to make ceramic tiles and sculptures that feature mushrooms and toadstools. Here is a whimsical design I felt inspired to make this year.

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Ceramic tile with mushroom design and lovely blue speckled glaze.

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Dimensions 14.5 × 13.5 cm

Hello, I am a multi media artist, craftswoman and workshop facilitator, making rustic ceramic tiles, urns and keepsake pots for cremated remains, I am exploring making natural burial shrouds too and other items in ceramics and textiles, also some paintings and drawings and I facilitate workshops around grief.
My tiles are not flat, regular tiles they are wonky and irregular, rustic I like to call them, each one is individually made by me, by hand, although the designs are similar none will ever be exactly the same as another. (unless I ever make a mold for repeat designs).
With my offspring all now adults, I have moved to Bristol to focus on my art, having taken on a studio and joining NOA I hope to make a living from my work.
I love to hand sculpt one off tiles, my inspiration coming from nature and cycles of life and death and the interconnectedness of all things.
I have a selection of hand sculpted urns and keepsake pots but am exploring natural burials and natural burial shrouds, using specially printed organic cloth or crazy patchwork from natural fibre fabrics connected to your loved one.
I explore with plants, making twine and working this into some of my ceramic work.
I am setting up grief focussed workshops, where you can come and process your grief through stitch.

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