“My tiny business, had over 300% more visits after being added to this group and so many orders I sold out of several items. But more importantly the comments people made gave me such a confidence boost! As a consumer I have loved being able to buy from other small businesses and just take in the immense talent and creativity of my fellow humans”

Abi Kennedy

“I am really grateful to this group. I posted at the beginning of December just as I opened my new online shop and was rushed off my feet with orders! It was the best way to get started, thanks so much! Means a lot to me as I have lost a lot of work and it continues to be really quiet for the Arts/ Theatre industry. A lot of freelancers like me are in crisis. It’s given me a much needed boost to know my skills can be useful and still earn me money.”

Claire Moon. RUBY MOON.

“NOT ON AMAZON has given my little local business a much needed boost, and the ability to show our fair-trade stock to a much wider audience. I really appreciate the efforts of the heroes behind it. Long may it prosper, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.”


“I’ve seen a real growth in my IG numbers. Had sales and new commissions from sharing post here. So from me a big big thank you for doing this. I lost all my income last year. And this is now looking like a full time venture for me.”


“The wonderful thing about this group is that the focus is about helping others which is what we all need right now. We are at a time in the world where there are such massive monopolies trying to rule the world that the small businesses find it super hard to find their place. NOT ON AMAZON is that place for many it seems, which is a joy to see!” 

Felicity Garwood.

“This group has been fantastic. It’s a really supportive and encouraging community and has turned my hobby into a profitable small business. Thank you so much!”

Sanche Tutter.

“My very first sales came from Not On Amazon which completely overwhelmed me. Gave me confidence in myself knowing that what I am creating, people are liking and willing to purchase, which then has given me the boost to keep creating. It’s more rewarding because I only started creating abstract art last year March so to receive the response I did from this page and the sales was absolutely brilliant.”

Jeremy Costello-Roberts. TOM SNOUT TINKERING

“Tom Snout Tinkering was a new business for me born out of redundancy and it was such a bonus (both commercially and personally) to find a page that was not only full of small businesses but also a community of talented people. With the bonus of being run with commercial gain not as the overriding factor. Well done NOT ON AMAZON!”


“We had more visits and sales on our website in one week before Christmas than the previous 8 months since I built it. I love that this is an interactive group rather than post and run.”