Shop NOA Storefront Banner Template.
The recommended size for storefront banners to display correctly is 1950 x 500 pixels.
The recommended size for storefront icons to display correctly is 180 x 180 pixels.
Use the link below to download a banner template.
If you fit your artwork inside this box it will display correctly on Shop NOA.

Adding International Shipping to your Shop NOA Store.
Instructions in this video.
Follow the arrows and click where they show.

Shop NOA, Store SEO.
For anyone who doesn't know what the letters stand for, its Search Engine Optimisation.
In your Store Settings you'll see the SEO tab.
If you fill it out with lots of relevant keywords and descriptions your Store will show up in more internet searches.

Individual Store Policies.
Unlike other marketplaces Shop NOA customers are buying directly from the individual vendor not from Shop NOA.

For this reason all vendors are required to add their own Policies to their individual stores.
You can download a privacy policy template here: